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I'll keep this brief, I know you're busy. I consider my self an English folk singer but many do not.  My music has been described as alternative folk, punk folk, urban folk and all sorts of other things that I probably shouldn't mention. In the words of Dan Bern "If you must put me in a box, make sure it's a big box with lots of windows and a door to walk through". If you'd rather not put me in a box, that's cool too. As you're here, perhaps you'll spend a minute or two listening to one of my tracks? As a London based singer songwriter, it's not impossible to imagine that you'll catch me doing my thing on the live music scene here, or maybe you'll come out and see me if I happen to be passing through your town. For now, just stick one of my tracks on your Spotify playlist.  Either way, I hope this is beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Iain Anderson - BBC Scotland describes new single AS It Is, as "very thought provoking"


Billy Bragg

'Really good stuff!'


Louder Than War

'Glenn Hodge is a unique talent and hopefully it will
be recognised soon'


Sunny & Shay BBC Radio London

'We loved Glenn's energy and unique sound. He's got a great style and his music is addictive. You hear it and want more!!'


Ringmaster Review

'Glenn Hodge Banned is a proposition to set ears and thoughts alight and push passions towards a tenacious greed'




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Due to the current situation with COVID19 the live music scene has taken a bit of a hit, so I don't have any live dates pending. But, modern technology is wonderful thing. If you'd like to see me live-streamed into your front room, then drop me a message.

To book GlennHodgeBanned please use the contact form on the contact page

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