There is more and more electro music hitting the charts and although I too find myself liking, loving even certain records, I can't bring myself to obsess over such music. I guess I am old fashioned to fault. Still, watching The Arctic Monkeys rip it up at The Mercury Music Prize gave me a justifiable sense of ignorance. 
I like to see an instrument being played. To at least have some idea of who is making what sound and how. This is probably not a surprising stance from a folk singer I know. What do you think?

G. Hodge

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    Simon Applebaum (Friday, 01 November 2013 17:48)

    I agree to an extent - music produced entirely on a machine leaves me cold too. That said, I really like it when music and machine merge and you get something totally new.

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    Sophie (Friday, 01 November 2013 19:01)

    I could't agree more, play that instrument! don't twiddle that knob!

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    Dave (Saturday, 09 November 2013 06:16)

    Glenn I get what you're saying but as music has progressed, and it has, we have lots more tools at our disposal. Until recently I didn't get the whole electronic thing either. Having been part of a band that both encapsulates folk music and electronica I know that it is only the weary that don't take head! Saw you live at Spice of Life on Saturday and you were very good but I don't agree with you ha ha!

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